• Why Photographers Should Absolutely Try Guest Blogging

    Why Photographers Should Absolutely Try Guest Blogging

I know what you’re thinking. “Mikey, why in the blue hell would I blog for someone else!? I barely want to blog for myself!” Yes, that’s valid I guess. Except there’s so many benefits of blogging for others. In this guide, I’m going to tell you exactly why guest blogging is worth every second you spend doing it. Strap in and let’s ride.

Guest Blogging Brings You…. Exposure

Like it or not, you are the face of your brand. People will make the decision to purchase from your business based on you more than any silly logo ever will. Writing great content gets your name out in front of new faces. Getting your brand out there has limitless possibilities and could be returned to you website visits, business deals, and yes, even new clients.

Guest Blogging Brings You…. Credibility

Google (and other search engines) have recently put an incredible amount of emphasis on experts. One way to increase your credibility in a large way is guest blogging. You (and your website) appearing on other websites (especially larger websites)  will absolutely boost your authority. Any photographer published on sites like Fstoppers, PhotoFocus or Digital Photography School will be seen as more credible in the eyes of search engines as opposed to having no internet presence at all.

Obviously, you probably just can’t reach out to the biggest blogs and websites and force your way into a guest blog post. Start small. Work your way up. Then use those articles to show your value with the larger sites. The more and more you guest blog the more you’ll gain in the eyes of Google and your peers. It also just feels good to get published so be brave and get out there.

Guest Blogging Brings You…. Social Media Growth

Aha, you thought social media traffic only went one way! Surprise, you’re wrong. Building your social media presence has huge benefits as a constant reminder to your fans that you exist. Do you want to be one of those brands/websites that get read once, the user clicks out, and never looks at you again? Of course not.

I don’t know about you but I can tell you how I work. When I find a photographer I like I instantly find their Instagram and toss them a follow. Why? Because I know that’s where I’ll see more of their work on a consistent basis. Sure, I can bookmark their website and check every few days but we live in a busy world with so much going on around us that realistically, that’s just not happening. More likely, when I post my brand new super-amazing photograph or content on my Instagram or Facebook account they’ll see it and click back to the website. Win!

I’m rambling. Bottom line, when guest blogging, include your social media handles. Sure, you want those backlinks to your website but building a following is also vital to this crazy marketing game we all play.

Why Guest Blogging Is Amazing

Guest Blogging Brings You…. Backlinks

I’m a SEO nerd, so this is my absolute favorite reason to guest blog. Those sweet sweet backlinks. Google values two big things when it comes to ranking websites. High-quality content and trust. Think of backlinks like other websites vouching for yours. They’re basically saying “Hey, I’m linking to this website so it’s good!” So when you have a great backlink profile that tells Google you’re doing something right. So when guest blogging make sure they’re offering do-follow links back to your website before agreeing. My own personal rule, no backlink, no blog, period.

Another thing to note about backlinks. They’re not all created equal. So don’t even think about getting your grandma’s knitting collective and her hundreds of knitting friends to link to you. When it comes to backlinks it’s quality over quantity. A link from your local news station could be worth more than 9,322 grandmas. The best gauge of a quality backlink? Look up their domain authority. The higher the better.

Guest Blogging Brings You…. People To Network With

Guest blogging as a photographer brings you many things we’ve now covered. Promotion, social media love, backlinks, credibility, and trust. But maybe the most benefit you’re going to get out of writing is the networking opportunities. You’re going to meet like-minded small (and big) business owners who want the same exact thing you want, business success. Guest blogging brings you opportunity. The truth is you never know where these networking opportunities will take you. Maybe one of the other writers has a product that would work for your business. Maybe a random commentor will be your next client. Maybe one of the larger companies will connect with you for sponsorship. The possibilities are truly endless.  When you put yourself out there, meet new people, and have genuine conversations you will gain partnerships and maybe even friendships, it’s science.

Guest Blogging for Photographers


Look, I get it. You barely have time to blog for your own website. Best thing I can tell you is to make time. It’s worth it. Being more open and visible in your online community and getting noticed by other peers in your industry (and even potential customers) will be more beneficial to your business more than another other marketing method.

I also get that you may be nervous and maybe even intimidated but what do you really have to lose here? If guest blogging doesn’t work out, you’ve lost nothing but a little bit of time and words you typed. Be brave. Get out there. Put yourself out there. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

Any other great reasons why you should guest blog? Submit them below and we’ll include them in our guide and link you and your business website. We’ll also enter you into our monthly contest where you have a chance to win amazing prizes from our favorite sponsors.