General Questions

Our Website
On our website is the best place. It’ll always feature the lowest prices and have new products before anywhere else.

Etsy, Creative Market, and Envato
Another great place to get our products. We primarily sell them on these sites for extra exposure.

Have you seen our products on any other website? Let us know because they definitely don’t have permission to sell our wares and we’d appreciate you letting us know.

For the most part, they should. Of course, there are thousands of variables that come with every photograph. Some of those variables could be shooting style, lighting, monitor calibration, and how you utilize our products. If you follow our tutorials and use our products as intended, your work should be pretty close.

With that said, your customers aren’t paying for our style, they’re paying for yours. We create our products to help you save time and unleash your creativity so you should make them you’re own!

Photoshop Actions

Legal Documents and Contracts

Tunic Labs Store

If purchased from the Tunic Labs website…
All purchases from our website are instant delivered to your email address. They’re also presented to you during the checkout process after your payment is successful. So basically in under a minute.

If purchase from another marketplace…
Most purchases from other websites are instant. The only exceptions are for files with huge file sizes. They may have to be manually sent due to upload limits on the marketplace’s website. All files are sent out within 24 hours, usually much faster, however.

Basically like any other website. You make your choices, give us very basic information, make payment, and get instant access to your files. The whole process takes less than five minutes from cart to download.

We absolute hate when we purchase something from other vendors and need to download them a few months later and there’s no way to do so. You either have to email them or just buy it again.

When you purchase something from Tunic Labs your license is infinite. You have access to download your files whenever you want at anytime right on our website. Simply login and go to your downloads.

Take that other guys.

Unlimited. While we do track downloads, we don’t limit them.

We are alerted to potential fraud and account sharing and will investigate. If we see your account in use by multiple IP addresses all across the country there’s a good chance you’ve been hacked or you’re account sharing. In that case we will reach out to you. If the abuse continues we will ban your account. Please respect our terms of service and copyright law. You’re a creative after-all, you’d expect the same for your product, right?

We get it, we’ve been there too! Sadly it’s not possible for us to make post-sale pricing adjustments. Most of our promotions are automatically timed, promoted, marketed, etc. We’re unable to alter prices on the fly and it wouldn’t be fair to others to do so.

Your best bet to avoid this issue in the future is to join our Facebook Community and an even better solution is to sign up for our newsletter where we announce most sales first.

Our file sizes are dependant on the product. Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions are pretty tiny. Some of our design mockups can reach 500mb or so but that’s because of the high-resolution ready-to-print resolutions. Even at 500mb, it shouldn’t be an issue for you. Assuming you have a 1TB drive (which is the smallest drive most computers have today), you could fit 2048 copies of our largest file on your HDD.

So no, you should have no storage issues with any of our files.

Due to the nature of the files we sell, there’s no way to give you a free trial. Once you have the files, there’s no way for us to disable or take them back so it’s impossible for us to offer a free trial.

However, we understand as a small business your dollars are valuable and probably in short supply. We do offer Sample Packs and a plethora of free products. Just click the Free for Photographers link on our homepage and check it our offerings. These free products are the same quality as our paid offerings so they’ll give you a good idea of our paid offerings.

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Lightroom Presets

Design Elements

We include fonts whenever we legally can. With a few limited products, due to United States copyright laws, some fonts are not be included. If this is the case we always include a direct link to the download included with your purchase. These fonts are always free and you’ll never have to pay additional costs for using them.