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We want to get you the help and/or information you require as quickly as possible. Before shooting off a support ticket feel free to read the whole page as your questions may be answered already. Still no luck? Pick a Support Ticket option below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Product Support

Need help with a product you purchased including Photoshop Actions, Design Templates, etc? Use this option.

SEO Support

Exclusive for our SEO Clients, use this options if you have questions or need help with your purchased SEO packages.

Ordering From Tunic Labs

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

You can pay via your Paypal account using your Paypal balance, credit card, or checking account you have linked to your Paypal account.


We’ve put multiple safeguards in place to protect you, your identity, and your payment information.

Accessing Our Website
1. Our website is protected by two-factor authentication. You can’t login without having a physical device that’s physically with me at all times. The device also requires a fingerprint to activate.
2. Our website is 24/7 monitored by our enterprise-grade security company who instantly alerts and locks out any intrusion attempts.
3. Our website admin area is inaccessible from anyone not within a 50 mile radius from our offices. Most hacks originate in China and Russia and their instantly blocked from reaching our admin area. They couldn’t login even if they had our password and fingerprint.

Protecting Your Payment Information
As for your payment information, we actually never see your payment information or keep a record of it.

When paying via Paypal they handle all the heavy lifting on their website no matter which payment source you choose to use.

When paying via Credit Card Stripe handles the processing via their website and only responds with a “Approved” or “Declined” to our shopping card. If Approved, they process the payment and tell us to send you the digital goods.

Protecting Your Information
The less information you have online the better. You’ll notice that for purchases we only require the bare minimum of information. We collect your name, email, and zip code. We only collect this much information because it’s needed to make your purchase, login later (to access your downloads) and your zip code is required to verify your payment information with Paypal/Stripe.

We don’t require or even allow you to submit your street address, phone number, etc. Why would we need that? We don’t, unlike our competitors, we don’t ask for it.

Protecting Your Information From Being Intercepted
Our website always uses the latest in SSL encrypted certificate’s provided by the industry leaders in website security so your information is protected during checkout or even just casual surfing in which you may be reading a blog article. Bottom line, your information is not going to get intercepted by anyone.

Protecting Your Cookies, Browsing Habits, and Ad Tracking
Our website only uses the bare minimal when it comes to cookies. They’re always stored on your personal device as opposed to our servers. Mainly are cookies are used for basic shopping cart functions like saving your shopping cart page to page, saving your coupon codes, etc.

As for browsing habits and ad tracking, we don’t participate and never will. Our website will never have ads either.

Our website does use basic analytical tracking but it’s never personally identifiable information. For example, we may know 383 people looked at our Sky Swap Perfection page today, but we don’t record or track who those people were.

As you can see, we take security very seriously. We truly believe in 2019, there’s no other way.

All Tunic Labs orders are placed on our own website. We will be offering our products on other designer marketplaces after the exclusivity period is over.

For everything that is a downloadable product (Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Design Templates, and Contracts), you’ll receive them instantly after checkout. You’ll be directed to your download page. You’ll also get an email almost instantly that’ll include downloadable links so you can download them any time.

All purchases are available forever. You will never be charged twice for the same product.

If you’ve purchased a monthly membership you can download the products as long as you’re a subscribed member. Once your subscription expires you will lose access to the downloads.

If you’ve purchased the products you can download them an unlimited amount of times.

We do monitor downloads, location of downloads, etc. and if we see anything that looks like abuse or not ordinary, we’ll pause the ability to download your files and reach out to you. This is simply to prevent account sharing. We ask that all customers respect our copyright just as you’d expect your clients to respect yours.

Sadly not. Most of our sales and promotions are automatically scheduled and automatically expire when the clock strikes zero.

All is not lost however. Signup for our newsletter and join our Facebook Community. We announce sales via our newsletter and Facebook before anywhere else.

Tunic Labs Store Policy

Sadly not. Most of our sales and promotions are automatically scheduled and automatically expire when the clock strikes zero.

All is not lost however. Signup for our newsletter and join our Facebook Community. We announce sales via our newsletter and Facebook before anywhere else.

It’s located in our footer at the bottom of the website, or you can click here.

All of our products are made in-house and created by us. However, some of our products are created and sold exclusively on our website by some of our partners. If you believe a product infringes on your copyright or is your creation please use our DMCA page and let us know.

We’ll do everything in our power to make it right including halting any payments to the infringing creator and instead give the sales revenue to you. This includes our cut as we’d never want to earn unjust revenue for someone else’s work.

Finally, if we find out any of our creators are guilty of copyright infringement or intellectual property theft, they will immediately be released from their creator contract with Tunic Labs and all products created will be removed from our website.