• Wall Photo Frame Mockup #1

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    Wall Photo Frame Mockup Sample - Orange Wall And Wood Floor

Seeing is believing. That’s why every advertisement you’ve ever seen shows the final product, not a part of it. Think about it, does McDonald’s show you a single hamburger patty? Does Ford show you a door handle? No, they show you exactly what you’re buying. Every advertisement you see is a perfectly crafted Quarter Pounder or brand new shiny Ford Explorer.

So honest answer, when you’re advertising your own work on your website and social media do you show a photograph… or do you show them their photographs on prints, canvas, and all the other products you sell?

If your answer is just an uploading photograph you’re missing a huge opportunity to increase your sales with every client. This product will allow you to show the client exactly what they’re buying which plants that seed for a huge sale. When a customer can visualize something, they’re more likely to buy it, period.

Unlimited Combinations, Unlimited Potential

With 6 floors, 7 walls, 7 couches, 2 flower pots, 7 trees, and 8 picture frames, it would take you years to come up with every combination possible.

Wall Photo Frame Mockup Sample - White Wall

Floors. So many floors.

Change the flood in under 10 seconds by just activating new layers.

Walls. Unlimited Walls

Choose any of the included walls or add your own, it’s really simple for anyone to do.


  1. Open the PSD file in Photoshop.
  2. Under the “Add Your Photographs Here” layer, double-click the little thumbnail image. A new image will open in Photoshop. Just place your image over that pre-sized image. Then close the image and when it asks to save or not, save it.
  3. Go back to your original file and your photograph will magically appear in the frame you selected.
  4. Change the background by following the same process. Just double click the labeled layer and make your favorite background visible.
  5. Change the floor by following the process. Double click the floor layer and activate the floor you’d like to use.
  6. To finish it off you can select the first layer and add any finishing overlays you wish.
  7. To show each completed mockup, just make the layer visible and save it.
Wall Photo Frame Mockup Sample - Instructions

Download Includes
1 x PSD Mockup File