SEO in 30 Days

Having a website that’s optimized and SEO-ready will bring you more customers than any other method, period. The best part? It doesn’t take daily work like posting ads or spamming buy-sell groups. The customers will come directly to you, while you sleep, exercise, or even play with your kids.

Your Competitors Are On Page One. Are You?

For people looking for photographers, the most used method for hiring someone is isn’t Facebook, Instagram, or even word-of-mouth. It’s Search Engines. When you type in photographer in “your city” are you the first result? Are you on even on the first page? If you’re not, I can promise you that you’re missing out on a good amount of business. Truth is, when searching, most people will never even reach page 2. And they’re definitely not checking out photographers on page 3.

SEO in 30 Days is about putting you on the path to reach Page 1 so you can get those customers instead of your competition.

What exactly is SEO in 30 Days!?

No matter which website platform you chose (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix), it does not come optimized for search engines out of the box. Hours and hours of work and expertise are needed to make that connection and keep the information flowing back and forth between your website and each search engine. It’s like purchasing a bike, sure, you own it, but it’s in a box. Without connecting the frame to the tires and adding some brakes, it’s not very functional. Your website works the same way. Sure, it’s there, it’s on the internet, it’s beautiful, but if it can’t be found, what’s the point? SEO in 30 Days will give you exactly what you need to be found by Google so your website can be found by customers.


When people search for a term on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, most people will either find what they need or just stop looking by the time they get to the 4th result. This isn’t a guess, this has been said by the search engine team behind Google and backed up by independent research, multiple times. Bottom line, the top 3 websites usually win. Do me a favor, right now. Open a new Google window and type in a search term your potential clients would use. Maybe it’s “newborn photographer in Orlando” or “boudoir photographer in Vancouver“. Now that you’ve done that, are you in the top 3? Are you even on the front page? If not, that’s why you need SEO.

If you’ve been overwhelmed with SEO and not even sure where to start, SEO in 30 days was built for you. No matter if you do it yourself or hire us to do it, we’ll make sure that your website is fully-optimized with the necessary SEO information specific to your business. Want to be found when someone searches newborn photographer in San Francisco? Want to be the first result when someone searches for kitten boudoir in Portland, we got it. We’ll also make sure that every single search engine is crawling your website so that you get ranked, searched for, and hired faster -and more often than your competition.

This program will work for all platforms out. Our absolute favorites are WordPress and Squarespace. Some of the other hosts we cover are Zenfolio, Weebly, and yes, even Wix.

We specifically cover Google, Bing, Yahoo. You will also get listed on others organically since they feed much of their information from the big guys.

While Google is the big player here, Bing and Yahoo should not be ignored. Bing is currently at about 20% market share and recent trends have them very popular with the 30+ year old demographic, which is a big part of your potential-client demographics. Full disclosure, Yahoo is kind of a joke but they’re so easy to rank for that it’s worth spending the time to do it. Being listed on Yahoo also helps your Google and Bing rankings weirdly enough.

Anyone who promises you results, specifically #1 or front page is a liar, scam artist, or extremely unskilled and unrealistic. SEO results cannot be accurately promised and any true SEO professional knows this.

There are currently thousands of variables that determine your website’s rank for specific keywords and some markets are VERY competitive. For example, ranking someone in Butte, North Dakota is pretty easy. I did it in 2 months. But ranking someone on the first page in New York City would take an act of god, a sacrifice, or maybe both just because there’s so much competition.

So promises can’t be made, but I can tell you my previous results. I’ve had MANY clients quickly become #1 in their market including Orting WA, Lacey WA, Orlando, FL, Cambridge MA, and Austin TX. 4 out of the top 10 results in Seattle right now are my clients. So yes, we get results. Our clients generally start to see small changes at the 2-month mark and the improvements ramp up from there. We’ve also seen results happen in the first few weeks… but we’ve also seen results happen at the 6-month mark. Our advice is to expect 2 months or so but don’t freak out if it takes a bit longer. Basically, if you email me before the six-month mark and say “it didn’t work”, I’m going to reply back telling you to wait a bit longer and keep creating new content.

Well, that’s the million dollar question. When it comes to SEO there’s absolutely no certainty on well…. anything.  SEO always has and (probably) always will be a long game. I can’t predict specific results, no one can.

I can, however, tell you what my other clients typically see. Historically, my Starting Blocks clients see positive changes at about the 2-month mark. Traffic will slightly increase, your keyword rankings will start to improve. As time goes on the positive ranking changes and traffic increases more and more. Positive changes will happen even faster if you keep improving your SEO and keep producing great content that Google values.

You should expect full results in about 6+ months approximately. If you’d like to get even better results consider hiring Tunic Labs after your initial SEO in 30 Days plan for accelerated results.

SEO in 30 Days sole purpose is to build that road between your website and Google. It’s just opening the connection between the two and sending a little bit of traffic between the two. Your most successful (and top-ranked) competitors are consistently working on their SEO.

Once the program is over you have two choices.

1. Ignore your website. You’ll get that initial big boost from SEO in 30 Days but as time goes on you’ll slowly lose rank as your competitors pass you.
2. Keep up and keep working on your own SEO. With enough time, research, and hard work you can maintain and even improve your rank.

Because of the nature of the product, there’s no way for us to undo it or take it back. Once purchased, there is no refunds. That sounds harsh but honestly, you won’t need to refund it. We’ve had 150+ photographers go through our program and not a single one didn’t get great results. This product has been our baby for a long time and it’s as perfect as it’s going to get.

With that said, if somehow you don’t get the results we advertised, reach out to us. We want you happy and successful, so we’ll figure why and get you fixed up. Our business runs on good reviews, word of mouth, and trust so we need you to have a positive experience, nothing other result is acceptable to Tunic Labs.

Are you ready to stop chasing clients and instead let them find you?

Tunic Does It

SEO In 30 Days - Tunic Does It


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Done perfectly. Guaranteed.

Finished in about 30 days.

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Don’t Listen To Us, Listen To Our Customers

Only real reviews. Don’t believe us? Talk to our clients yourself, they don’t mind.

When I hired Michael, he was so kind and never made me feel like I was an idiot for asking the simple questions. He was able to explain things in such a way that it made SENSE. So many “AHA!” moments, things finally clicked.

Most importantly – it. worked. In a matter of 2 months, I went from not showing up on Google at all to being top 5 for some of my keywords. Yes. Read that again. I’m NOT bluffing. I didn’t exist to being TOP 5! Can you believe that? My inquiries skyrocketed, and so did my bookings.

Michael truly IS an expert. He IS someone you can trust. He IS a great person. He truly believes in giving his very best to every single one of his clients. It’s often hard to choose between business investments, but this investment is worth it. By investing in Michael’s services, your business will grow so much, and then you will be able to invest in the other things you want/need (gear, backdrops, whatever).

I would hire Michael again in a second if I had another opportunity that arose. I couldn’t recommend him any more highly!

Tiffany PerkinsPhotographer

Before hiring Michael, I was invisible to Google and potential clients could not find me. I knew I needed to up my SEO game but had no idea where to start or what to do. Michael has worked away at my site making it faster and using specific keywords that boost my rankings and clients. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to everything SEO, and is very patient with all of my questions. You will not regret hiring Michael!

Chelsey GrantPhotographerChelsey Grant Photography
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