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    Let’s just start by saying we’re not your typical contract seller. We don’t just sell a single template and claim it works for everyone. Any intelligent lawyer will tell you that laws can differ from state to state and even county to county. We’ve spent the time and money making sure we have contracts that are legally enforceable in every location we sell in. Our first step in the contract creation process is inputting your business location to ensure that the contract is legally accurate and enforceable in your jurisdiction.

    Download Includes

    Photoshop Action
    1 x Sky Overlay Perfection Photoshop Action
    1 x Welcome File (PDF)
    1 x Instructions (PDF)
    1 x Tutorial Videos

    Sky Packs (Per Pack)
    20 x Sky Overlays
    1 x Welcome File (PDF)
    1 x Instructions (PDF)

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    Sky Swap Perfection Photoshop Action

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    Sky Swap Perfection Photoshop Action

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    Video Tutorial

    Free Support For Life

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    I was lucky enough to be asked to be a beta tester and wow, just wow. I was totally capable of doing my own sky swaps on my own but this has considerably made the process much faster. I think what I like best that there’s no clipping or the need to make selections. That’s usually the hardest part, getting those perfect cutouts of your subjects, but what Tunic created was kind of genius and I’m a bit mad I didn’t think of it. Who would have thought that using gradients would work so damn well. I was given the beta version of the Action for free but I’m signing up for the Cloud Club the moment it’s available. As a Washington-resident our skies are pretty gloomy, I can see myself using this all year long.

    Janice DicksonPhotographer

    I’ll admit I’m completely new to Photoshop. After finding out I couldn’t do a sky replacement in Lightroom I knew it was time to jump in. I tried Youtube tutorial after tutorial and just couldn’t get my sky swaps to look natural. I was sent an early copy of Michael’s Photoshop Action and it made it much much much easier. The first time running it was a little bit of trouble for me, but once I watched the tutorial video, HOLY CRAP. It’s REALLY easy. I finally have my first successful cloud swap and I couldn’t be happier.

    Chelsey BuckleyPhotographer