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A perfectly crafted model release for your business, ready in under 5 minutes.

A photograph is not only a part of the product we provide, but it’s how we get future jobs. Every photograph that you release is an opportunity for future work. There’s absolutely no point in going through the work of setting up a photo shoot, shooting, editing, and finalizing each photograph if your model is not going to give you permission for his or her likeness. This is why a model release is so important.

Your Model Release form is not about granting permission to take the photographs. The purpose of the document is to give legal permission to use them in your marketing and advertisements. Sure, maybe your model says it’s ”totally ok” to use her photo any way you want… until three months later when she sees her face on Instagram and suddenly forgets that she agreed to it. Your Model Release is your unequivocal proof that you had permission to use her likeness in your marketing and also acts as your protection against him or her changing her mind at a later date.

So what does this document do? It eliminates your happy models today from demanding compensation in the future. Ask any experienced photographer if they use a model release. I’m betting they’ll tell you they won’t shoot without one, period.

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Resolution: 300 dpi | Suitable for Print or Digital use.
Document Size: 8.5 x 11 | Suitable to be resized if needed
File Format: .docx
License: Commercial Usage

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“It’s not that I don’t trust Tunic Labs but my business is my baby so I had my family lawyer look it over and she didn’t find anything that needed to be changed. I think that’s a good sign that this will definitely protect my business! While it’s not my flashiest purchase of the year, it’s probably the most important.”

Emily PaynePhotographer

“I’ve seen other contracts out there but honestly was a bit intimidated because I can barely make my camera work so I’m not even close to being able to write a contract. I watched the included video, did exactly as it said and printed my contract in under ten minutes. It was really easy. ”

Janice DicksonPhotographer

“I’ve been waiting for Michael to release his contracts for a very long time, too long in fact. Well, I was given early access to them and these are just perfection. Everything I need in one easily-edited Word file. I know I should just type more but there’s nothing more to say. These are perfection.”

Dana Lynn