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Pixel Perfect Facebook Uploads From Photoshop In One Click

You spend hours at your session, another few hours editing your photographs to perfection. Then you upload them to Facebook and they get converted and downgraded to mush. In an effort to save bandwidth and load time Facebook compresses every single image you upload and if you don’t upload with the perfect settings, they look absolutely terrible.

Two years ago we cracked the code. Our Photoshop Action gave every photographer the ability to upload pixel-perfect photographs to social media without taking the hit in quality. Our Photoshop Action gave photographers the ability for their customers to see their art as intended, every single time.

Can You See The Difference? We Can’t

Completely rebuilt from the ground up to not only retain ever pixel of quality, but we’ve actually improved our Photoshop Action so your photograph looks more crisp without changing any creative aspect of your photograph.

Export Perfection Photoshop Action Perfect Facebook Export

Download Includes

1 x Photoshop Action file

Don’t Listen To Us, Listen To Our Customers

Only real reviews. Don’t believe us? Talk to our customers yourself. They don’t mind.

“I was lucky enough to test this Action for a few days and wow, holy crap, this is amazing. I legitimately want to delete my whole Facebook page and start over. Michael has done it again.”

Dana Lynn