• Dramatic Cloud Pack #2

    Photoshop Overlays

    Sky Overlays - Dramatic Skies

Included In This Pack

Dramatic Skies Sky Overlays - Pack 2

Swap any sky on any photograph in under a minute using our Photoshop Action.

No matter if you’re a Photoshop wizard or just installed it yesterday, our overlays are super-simple to use. First method. Just place the overlay over your folder, change the layer mask to “multiply“. Create a mask and then brush where needed.  If you have no idea what that meant, no problem. Just purchase our Sky Swap Perfection Photoshop Action and it’ll handle everything for you in under a minute.

Download Includes
20 x Different Sky Overlay .jpg files

Instructions (Easy Method)

  1. In Adobe Photoshop, place the new overlay over your image in the location you’d like your clouds to appear.
  2. Change the masking method to multiply.
  3. Create a layer mask.
  4. Using a pure black brush, brush over the part of your overlay where it should not appear like faces, bodies, foreground items, etc.
  5. Flatten the layer to complete the process.

Instructions (Easier Method)

  1. Purchase our Sky Overlay Perfection Photoshop Action
  2. Install the Action by double clicking the included .atn file.
  3. Run the Action and follow the instructions as prompted.