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    We have a ton of ground-breaking photography products that’ll change your art and/or business, but this is not one of them. Instead, this is one of the special products that’ll put the finishing touch on an already beautiful photograph. It gives it that little extra touch that takes it from wow to holy $#*!. It’s one of those products that’ll find it’s way to every single one of your clients’ social media pages because it’s that damn special. Don’t believe us, take a chance, try it. I bet we’re not wrong.

    Easy To Use, No Photoshop Experience Required

    No matter if you’re a Photoshop wizard or just installed it yesterday, our overlays are super-simple to use. First method. Just place the overlay over your folder, change the layer mask to “Screen”. If you have no idea what that meant, no problem. Use the included Photoshop Action and it’ll add the bokeh in just two clicks.

    Organized Perfectly So You Can Work Fast

    Sample Shots

            Download Includes
            60 x Different Bokeh .jpg files
            1 x Overlay Perfection Photoshop Action

            Instructions (Easy Method)

            1. Open your photograph.
            2. Go to File > Place Embedded File
            3. Select the overlay you’d like to use.
            4. If needed, stretch and move the overlay over the whole photograph. Hit Enter to complete the placing process. It’s normal to only see the overlay at this point.
            5. Under the layer mask select either Screen or Multiply.
            6. If needed, add a new layer mask to that layer, select a black brush and remove the overlay from any place on the photograph you don’t want it.
            7. Finished.

            Instructions (Easier Method)

            1. Install the Action File by double-clicking it.
            2. Run the Action in the Tunic Labs – Overlay Perfection folder.
            3. Follow the instructions as prompted. It’ll have you select the bokeh overlay you want and do the rest of the work for you.