Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Adobe Photoshop Actions

Our Photoshop Actions are built from the ground up to be usable by anyone. No matter if you installed Photoshop yesterday, or you’ve been using it since version 1.0, our actions are probably a perfect fit for your workflow.

For the newbie, we’ve built them to be stupidly simple to use. Just double click the included file, run the Action in Photoshop, and then just follow the prompts. We guide you through the whole thing, start to finish.

As for the advanced users, not only will your photograph look amazing but you’ll save tons of time off each edit. And as any smart business-person knows, time is money.

So who did we make our Photoshop Actions for? Any photographer, any skill level, any photograph.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are files that will run a specific set of commands in Photoshop without user input. A more common name for this type of file is macros. It’s basically running through a set of pre-programmed adjustments, changes, and edits that’ll alter your photograph. Essentially, you could do each command manually but Photoshop Actions make it much easier and faster than doing it yourself.

There are multiple reasons why you’d want to use Photoshop Actions.

  1. It adds a creative style to your photographs that you may not know how to do yourself.
  2. It saves time. A Photoshop Action can run hundreds of commands and alterations in a very short time. If you’re editing a whole portrait session this could save you minutes per photograph. If you’re editing a wedding it could save you hours.
  3. It keeps your style consistent. Have you edited a whole session and then found photographs that don’t really fit the rest of your edits? Photoshop Actions will keep everything looking just like your signature style.

Installing new Photoshop Actions sounds intimidating but it’s really not. After purchasing from Tunic Labs you’ll get a download link. Just open up the downloading zip file and double click the .atn file. It’ll then appear in your Photoshop Actions panel. Don’t see your Action panel? Just go into Photoshop and hit Alt + F9.

Using Photoshop Actions are easy. Once installed it’ll appear in your Action panel. Just run the Action and our dialogs will tell you exactly what you need to do for each step. In fact, most of the process will be done automatically.

What Makes Our Photoshop Actions Different?

Easy To Use

We create each Photoshop Action with newbies in mind. Every single Action is easy to use and explained well in text and video.

Free Updates For Life

We’re always making our Photoshop Actions better. Every product we sell comes with free updates for life. Buy once, own it forever.

Support, Perfected

You probably won’t need it but our support is unparalleled. Submit a ticket or post in our customer-only Facebook Support Group.

Sky Swap Perfection | Photoshop Action

We’re always listening to our community and we heard you loud and clear. Swapping skies in Photoshop suck. While it’s not the most difficult thing to do, it can be difficult for newbies and even the most experienced Photoshop wizards have trouble making it look realistic. We here at Tunic Labs are problem solvers. We knew we could create a Photoshop Action that could fix all of those issues. No matter if you’ve had Photoshop installed for nine years… or three days, our Photoshop Action will be a game changer

Bubble Perfection | Photoshop Action

Our brand new collection is going to make your favorite photographs a little more soapy. Have a photograph of your favorite little model blowing bubbles but it lacks… substance? No matter if you need to add bubbles to a photograph that has none or you just need to multiple a lame amount already in a photograph, Tunic Labs to the rescue.

Snow Perfection | Photoshop Action

Make any photograph look like a perfect wintery wonderland featuring a plentiful amount of snow using our new easy-to-use Photoshop Action. Full customizable so every single photograph looks unique and exactly how you creatively envisioned your creation, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Autumn Perfection | Photoshop Action

If you’re a photographer, you’re well aware that you can’t control the seasons. Sometimes Autumn arrives early. Sometimes late. Depending on where you live, maybe it doesn’t come at all. With our new free Autumn Perfection Photoshop Action, you don’t need to worry about mother nature doing her own thing anymore. No matter what season it is, with one click from your mouse, it’s Autumn.

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