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    Contracts For Photographers

Contracts For Photographers

Protecting your business is literally your most important job as a business owner. A legal issue is the one single thing that can ruin your business almost instantly. This isn’t scare tactic, this is just the truth of any business in any industry. Any good lawyer will tell you that it’s easier to prevent a lawsuit than it is to defend against one. Prevention is what Tunic Labs is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Contracts

Yes, every single contract and legal document we sell is drafted by a licensed attorney. Once written it was looked over by one or more other lawyers to verify accuracy and to ensure it’s enforceable in the locations we sell them.

Our contracts and legal documents are guaranteed to be legally binding in most United States locations. In fact, we have multiple versions of our contracts depending on your location. You’ll choose your location before purchase so we’re sure you get the right document.

Protecting Your Business Is Your #1 Priority

Protect your business.
Our contracts and legal documents will protect your business if you should ever find yourself in a court room. The terms are very clear and easy to understand for your client and yourself and every single contract we sell is guaranteed to be legally enforceable in your location.

Deter clients from taking legal action.
It’s a proven fact that customers with an iron-clad contract written out with very specific terms and protections are less likely to take legal action.

Keeping clients happy by setting expectations.
When expectations are set for both sides it leaves very little up to assumption or guessing. When you set expectations there’s less chance for miscommunication and more chance for a happy client. When your client has a question they can easily consult their contract and that fixes most communicative issues right from the start.

Why should you buy your contracts from Tunic Labs?

Easy To Use

Every single contract comes in a perfectly ready Word file format that can be opened in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or even Open Office. Open the file, replace your logo and info, and hit print.

Legally Enforceable In Your State

Laws can vary be country, state, and sometimes even county. Our legal documents and contracts are guaranteed to be legally sound in your location. Never worry about your contracts again.

Support, Perfected

You probably won’t need it but our support is unparalleled. Submit a ticket or post in our customer-only Facebook Support Group and you’ll have an answer within 24 hours, every time.

Wedding Contract

Due to it’s one-chance nature, larger expense, and the fact that’s it’s one of the most important moments of a person’s life, it’s fact that wedding photographers are more likely to see legal problems than any other genre of photography. As a business owner protecting your business is of the upmost importance. Having an iron-clad contract is just one (and the most important) ways to do so. Not only will it protect you in the case of a filed lawsuit, it’ll also discourage clients from filing when you set out expectations in writing, before the day of the wedding ever arrives.

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Model Release

Every photograph you take is an opportunity. Any place you post your photograph is an advertisement of your creativity and craft. The law states that any commercial usage of a model’s likeness requires permission from them. Not doing so can lead to a civil lawsuit which can lead to civil damages. So no matter if you post your photographs on Facebook, Instagram, in your own studio, or even a billboard, getting a model release from every single person you shoot is absolutely necessary and needed to protect your business.

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