Turner Web Services Scam

Disclaimer: Everything on this page is a mix of opinion and first-hand accounts from Turner Web Services victims and should be treated as such. You can form your own opinions after reading through it in its entirety.

What Happened?

In early January of 2019 Ben Turner sent out an email to all of his clients suddenly and unexpectedly closing his business and claiming that he was declaring bankruptcy in the state of Florida. Ben Turner knowingly defrauded and scammed multiple photographers out of thousands of dollars. Payments were accepted up to same week he suddenly told the world his business was closing. Based on a Facebook group setup about this situation we gather there’s hundreds of victims who either didn’t receive their service at all, or received half-completed low-quality work. Most customers reported spending multiple thousand dollars in total with nothing to show for it.

Scroll down for the first-hand accounts from Ben Turner’s victims.

What To Do If You Were A Turner Web Services Victim

  • Report Turner Web Services and Ben Turner To The FBI

    If enough victims report him there’s a good chance an investigation will be opened. Filling out this form will also allow the FBI to contact you if they need your statement, need you to act as a witness, etc.

  • File A Chargeback With Your Bank, Credit Union, Credit Card, or Paypal

    Depending when you ordered service, it may be too late to file a chargeback. Try anyway. Multiple victims have had luck getting a refund or judgement in their favor even after the usual time limit on chargebacks.

A Time Line Of Events And Updates About Turner Web Services

Ben Turner requests a client via email reestablish a payment that was disconnected after he declared bankruptcy which is a weird thing to do.

Turner Web Services Ben Turner Closed

Ben’s Ex-wife joins the group and shares some personal experience with Ben and his business dealings. This page isn’t about spreading drama, just victim information. You can read it in the group if you’re interested but she doesn’t have many good things to say towards Ben’s character.

She also mentioned trying to convince Ben to restore the purchased videos to Ben’s victims but as of today has not been successful.

After immediately taking his website down after suddenly closing Ben Turner decided to put his website back up. We suspect he did it because it’s harder to prove a chargeback when the website is up and running as multiple victims had issues initiating a chargeback with the website up as opposed to it saying we want bankrupt. His new website is the old design with a good amount of incriminating information removed from the website.

Multiple victims have attempted multiple times to get in contact with Ben’s lawyer unsuccessfully. His lawyer doesn’t respond to phone calls, emails, and has no voicemail. Suspicious.

We discovered through investigation that Ben Turner also owns Reefer Digital, a failed SEO firm that specializes in marijuana-related companies. Once the information came to light in the private Facebook victim group it was quickly taken offline proving that Ben / Karen has a spy or is in the group themselves.

“It is confirmed that someone is screenshot in this group and sending to Karen who is then sending to Ben.” – Alyssa Turner (Ben Turner’s ex-wife)

In early January he sent out the email saying he was declaring bankruptcy immediately. Over a month later he still has not filed according to Pacer.

It’s been confirmed that Ben Turner has disabled his business email address. The emails will bounce back if attempted. His Gmail is still active but he’s ignoring any customers who email that address.

Dave Rosen (a former employee) helpfully posts a guide explaining how to remove Ben and TWS from your Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Google Search Console accounts.

It has been proven that Ben / TWS was accessing Google accounts all the way up to 2.22.2019.

It should also be noted that Dave Rosen seems to be a victim in this situation also and we have no reason to suspect him to being in on the scam. Dave has been most helpful and has helped Ben’s victims when possible.

“I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt….but now have notification that he is fighting my charge back.” – Michael

It seems Benjamin Turner has started a new company to (probably) scam and steal from customers who don’t know any better. He has started a company called REL Digital and the company was officially started in January of this year.

You can find the website at https://reldigital.com

A remember that REL Digital and Ben Turner is a known scammer and still owes his previous clients thousands and thousands of dollars he never received.

He also claimed he was declaring bankruptcy which would prevent him from opening this company so either he is lying about the bankruptcy, or he’s running an illegally owned and operated company.

Stories Directly From Turner Web Services / Ben Turner

All stories were shared in the Turner Web Services Closure Facebook Group. A group created for the victims of Turner Web Services to gather advice and evidence for moving forward.

“I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt….but now have notification that he is fighting my charge back.”

“So I pay for services on December 23rd. You go out .of business in early January……how can you dispute that….unbelievable….”


“My deal is that I hired him to design a website 6 years ago. After about 5 months of him doing nothing and giving me excuses (grandma died, his design partner Michael was having personal problems, etc), he actually did attempt to design something. It was SO bad and not useable. And I just gave up at that point.”


“I’m not sure if I could even be involved my issues go back to Spring 2017. I sent Ben a message 3 months after starting with him after endless requests on status of where we were (he said my SEO white glove package could be done in a month) the initial keyword report they did that took weeks wasn’t even for the right location I was hiring them for SEO I had asked for work to be haulted and a refund to be done. – He responded back and send me a link of a youtube video (since that video has been taken down) of what had been done and I never moved forward because I moved that shortly after that and life and business was too crazy. Sadly, I paid in full for the discount he had offered. Do I even have a leg to stand on?? I don’t even think my work even got completed fully. But of course everything is gone.”


“Hey everyone! We used turner web services years ago and had a terrible experience. We paid him to migrate our site to WordPress and he subcontracted it to a random kid who did a terrible job. Words misspelled, broken links, etc. Then he refunded our money for that and we paid a separate company to build it. We still had seo work to be done that we had paid for with turner seo. It was literally a year + before they did ANY work. Karen came on the scene and took over our project. They finally started working on the site and boom – we got a MANUAL ACTION. No one would take blame and google almost blacklisted our site.”

“Karen did work to help get it removed although we still aren’t sure who was to blame (now it seems obvious though). Shortly after that nonsense they ‘completed’ our project. I gained nothing.”

“Fast forward – my friend recognized Ben at an entrepreneur meet up because she had used him for seo services as well. P.S. I don’t think he ever did any work on her site.”

“He moved to our area!!!! Sure enough his wife is ranking #1 for our top keywords.”

“I’ve done more with seo just by reading and learning than he and his team ever did. I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but just know this has been consistent scam activity for YEARS.”


Hey everyone, yet another disgruntled victim of Ben here. I paid him $4,752.63 in full December 18, 2018. Obviously he went bankrupt not a month later. I am beyond frustrated. Ben offered to still do my work, but since has ghosted. I hadn’t said anything publicly about my involvement until today because of waiting to see if Ben would make good on that offer, and after learning of this group, I’m realizing that offer probably won’t come to fruition. Has anyone gotten money back from using a debit card? I’m so sick that I’ve lost nearly 5K on this…and so close to him declaring bankruptcy. It’s just so frustrating, and I don’t know how to make it right.


“wow. I’m just learning about all of this today. I never received an email about TWS filing for bankruptcy. What I did receive was an email (on Jan 5) from Ben asking me to reestablish my payment plan because there had been “a glitch in the payment processor”. I have been a client of his since early 2016. I remember being so frustrated with how the projects were run. There was always a one week (at least) lag time from when I ‘d ask a question and keep bugging him or his team to when they’d actually get back to me. I also remember thinking it seemed an awful lot of money to spend on a service to get hardly any attention. I never really knew what was going on with my project. Finally, about 4 months later the project was supposedly finished but I didn’t see any real results for over a year and for having paid for him to set me up with SEO, there were an awful lot of things still wrong with my site. He talked me into doing the monthly essentials and I had been paying him $75 a month for all of 2017 and 2018 and we only had a few video chat conversations about my site and what could be improved. The $75 got me access to SEO Academy, Photographer Grade, and a listing on all the main internet business indexes (I still dont even understand that). He was always nice but really hard to get answers from and hard to get ahold of.”


“Just wanted to share a little about my experience. So I hired them in June, fast forward to October when I hired someone else to teach me blogging, and she found that my site wasn’t even indexing on google analytics. So after having an SEO company hired for 5 months that was supposed to be watching my site and helping me to rank my website didn’t even appear to exist according to google.
Secondly, I kept telling them that the keyword they picked for me, does not reach my target clients…🤷🏻‍♀️ meh, it’s whatevs apparently. And the copy they wrote for me sounds like I’m Mary freaking Poppins…which let me assure you all…I am not. I’m more a whiskey drinking, boot stompin, smartass. So I wrote back…”yeah that copy sounds super sweet….and nothing like me…so no.” Aaaand they marked that part complete and never mentioned it again. The blogging video was never uploaded and neither of my blogs were ever reviewed..

So I’m gonna be real honest, for those trying to say, “it was never his intention.” I don’t give one damn. We’re all business owners here, it’s never our intention to miss the shot, or over expose or have a card fail or crash a hard drive. But shit happens and we’re still responsible. Soooooo it’s still his responsibility, it was our money that was wasted, we were lied to and put off and me myself. I’ve had a worthless website for more than half the time this guy was supposed to be boosting me in rankings. Soooo yeah 🖕🏻 his intentions.”


“Wow! I thought I was the only person who felt I got kinda screwed by this company. A couple years ago I spent 900 to revamp my site because, while I has a good ranking, I knew a lot was super outdated and wrong and needed to be fixed before it got me in trouble. So months and months of basically “your site is #1, so if we change anything you’ll drop and that’s bad, so basically it’s all wrong, but we aren’t doing anything about it”. Cool – Fab $900 spent.”