Tunic Labs Photograph Of The Week Photography Contest

The goal of the Tunic Labs Photography Contest is to show recognition to our favorite photographers while showcasing their work to the world on a weekly basis. We don’t choose our favorites based on skill alone, but instead we choose the ones that speak to us the most. Photographs are about forging an emotional connection between paper (or in this case digital) art and a human. We typically choose the photographs invoke an emotional reaction from our heart and we hope they do the same for you.

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Why Should I Enter The Contest?

Our photo contest is a way to show your art to a brand new audience that may not see it otherwise. It’s also a way to have your art be recognized by your friends and peers in the industry when we blast it out via every social media account we have and our weekly email newsletter. If that’s not enough there’s other benefits like SEO for your website as you’ll gain at the least one fresh new powerful backlink. You’ll also gain access to our badges that you can display on your own website to signify your win and provide social proof to your clients and potential clients.

How To Enter The Contest

To enter the contest just post your photograph along with a few sentences about the photo in the Facebook Community post linked below. Because the story is just important as the visuals, you must include description of the photograph or it won’t be eligible for being featured. Make sure you also include your business name and website so we can link to you if you’re chosen to be featured. Finally, let us know if you used any Tunic Labs products in the creation of your photograph so we can let people know.

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