Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice

Getting your art stolen sucks. Let us pay you instead.

As designers and photographers ourselves, we understand that all artists deserve to get paid for their work. We’re also advocates for protecting ones work from would-be thieves who want to profit from your hard work. While we’re only legally required to remove the offending content, that’s not good enough for Tunic Labs. If we find that one of our artists has used your work without permission, we’ll not only pay you their cut of all sales, but our portion too. That’s our promise.

How It Works

  • Submit Your Claim

    Use the form below to file your DMCA Takedown Notice. Include all relevant information or we’ll ask you to resubmit.

  • Give Us About A Week To Investigate

    We’ll take a look at your information and proof, we’ll speak to our designer, and we’ll gather the facts.

  • We’ll Email The Designer And Yourself With A Decision

    Based on all the evidence we’ll let both parties know the results of our investigation.

  • We Remove The Offender From Our Creator Program

    Tunic Labs will not employ or partner with content thieves. If found to have used stolen content, we instantly terminate the agreement with the content creator and remove all other products they’ve submitted to our marketplace.

  • We’ll Pay The Real Content Creator

    You will be paid any outstanding payments for sales that was meant to go to the terminated partner. You will also be paid Tunic Labs cut for the lifetime the product was on our website.

Submit Your Takedown Request

All requests are processed within 48 hours and investigated within 7 days.