• Blogging Ideas For Maternity Photographers

    Blog Post Ideas For Maternity Photographers

Alright, I get it. I’ve heard you. Five years in a photography group will teach you many things. The biggest thing I’ve learned when I tell people to blog is no one really knows what to write about. You signed up to this cheery gig to take photographs, not write words to strangers on the internet. Then one day you discovered…. *gasp* Google feeds off new content. So yes, like it or not, new content is the primary key to the SEO utopia when it comes to photographers.

Fine, you get it, you need to blog. What do you write? I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite blogging ideas for you maternity photographers. Give these a try and let me know what you think.

Also, I know you have your own ideas. Send them over to me at the bottom of this post and I’ll add them to the list and even enter you into our monthly contest to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

When is the perfect time to do a maternity session?

There’s some argument to be had here but most maternity photographers I’ve spoken to say 32 weeks is the perfect time for the maternity session. Do you agree or disagree? Write a blog post explaining why you think your preferred week is the absolute perfect time for a maternity session. Educating your clients is always good and this may even save some of your clients waiting for later date in the later stages of pregnancy that may not be ideal for either of you.

Maternity Gown Ideas For Photographers

Showcase your maternity gowns.

Assuming you provide them, make a blog post where you show off your maternity gowns that are for client use. Show them by themselves and also include your other clients using the gowns. This will show your clients the possibilities in visual form for their own upcoming sessions.

Why having a maternity session in your studio is better than outdoors.

What advantages is there shooting in your studio as opposed to outdoors? Weather, shooting style, etc. List off your best reasons why shoot indoors and make sure you include plenty of visuals.

Why having a maternity session outdoors is better than outdoors.

Outdoor maternity sessions can be magical. Create a blog post explaining why. The natural light, your epic locations, or maybe it’s just more your style. Create a blog posting explaining why outdoors is your canvas of choice.

How you personally include partners, families, and kids into a maternity session.

Along with the obvious SEO value, explaining how you’ll be including their closest people in the world into the session will put them at ease and take a lot of the pressure of them to be the only model. Show them examples of your previous work that included family members.

How To Include Children Into A Maternity Shoot

A story roundup post about the funniest things that have happened at your maternity sessions.

Since the beginning of time humor has sold. It’s why the most memorable Super Bowl commercials are usually comedy. Create a blog post telling the stories of your funniest moments that happened at your photo sessions. Why? Because it shows you can be fun which means it’ll put your mom at ease knowing it’s not a serious affair.

A collection of your worst (or funniest) poses and outtakes from your previous sessions. 

Sure, I often advise my photographer clients to only show your best. But sometimes humor and laughing at yourself trumps good business practices. Show your client that you can have fun and you’re not perfect. When a client can see their photographer may not be perfect at all times it eases them up to not worry about perfection themselves.

Funniest poses and outtakes from maternity sessions

A blog full of your favorite vendors and businesses that would be perfect for your pregnant client.

There’s so many good reasons to write this type of blog post. Not only do you gain the SEO benefit but you’re helping your client. If that’s not enough reason to get writing, networking and building relationships with other businesses is always a benefit to your overall business. Need another reason? Backlinks! Incoming (and outgoing) backlinks are always beneficial. So link up with those other local businesses and get some SEO love from search engines.

Self Care For Expecting Momma’s

Maybe you’re a mom yourself. Maybe you have some super-secret tips about how to wrangle this pregnancy and beyond. Share them. Providing value to your client is always beneficial to them and will keep them reading your page. Keeping them on your page because time-on-page is absolutely a ranking factor for Google. In Google’s eyes the longer people stay on your website the better content you have.


This is just a start. There’s hundreds if not thousands of ideas about topics you can write about to educate, inform, and even humor your clients. What are some of your favorites?

Have your own blogging ideas? Submit them below and we’ll include them in our guide and link you and your business website. We’ll also enter you into our monthly contest where you have a chance to win amazing prizes from our favorite sponsors.